Tuesday 17 September 2019

Drawing new designs

Someone on Facebook was questioning end of year teacher gifts... yes it isn't that long until end of year in Australia! We're about to go into 4th term. And I was trying to avoid doing my exam, so I picked up my pen and did a couple of quick sketches.

I then refined them a bit on the paper and played with some colours... not necessarily the colours I'm going with but I only have a 12 pack of colours!

I like the idea of turning it into a collection of male and female characters that you can swap in and out depending on your teacher/kid but that could be a lot of work on my part! At the very least two kid options.... So many thoughts and ideas running around!

I have already imported the pictures into my digital drawing program and I've started on the top picture. A lot of refining to do with the proportions as these are just quick sketches but the idea is solid.

So question for you... what characters would you be looking for with an end of year gift? Would you want a male teacher or just female ones? I am assuming a fairly even mix of male and female kids... or even a more gender neutral one, with a simple hair style. I know my kids through primary school (too many teachers now!) had more female teachers and teacher aides.I also think the second one would work well for a teacher aide .... as I said so many ideas are currently running around in my head and I'm trying to work out what is valid and what I have to ignore because of logistics.

Any help would be appreciated :D

Happy Stitching,


  1. Those are nice! You are a very good artist too. I often wish I was born with the drawing gene.

  2. thank you :D
    Art and music run in my family. My grandma paints with water colours, my mum draws and paints with pastels, my sister is an architect ( I count that as a form of art!) and I ended up trying everything! But all I've found it takes is just drawing a little bit every day and it gets slowly better and better. I am constantly drawing little characters on pieces of paper.

  3. It helps designers to get an example of something that will be physically accessible later on. happy new year coloring page


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