Thursday 26 September 2019

Little Teddy Bookmark

I have a thing for bookmarks at the moment. I don't know what exactly is drawing me to them but I love using them in my books and I love stitching them. I pulled out my teddy bear pattern the other week and I stitched it up in the original brown colours. 

Then I decided that was not enough but didn't want to add a name or something so I stitched up a second one under it in purple :D 

Although depending on your perspective I may have stitched on top of it in the purple bear! I really liked the idea of having them feet to feet like this and there was no up or down. 

 To finish it I used my tutorial for finishing bookmarks which can be found here... but forgot about making sure the glue doesn't come through to the front. 

But it is already in use with it's friend the tiki bookmark that is in the tutorial. 

Don't they look pretty? I'm currently reading Shadow of the Conqueror by Shad M. Brooks and eventually when I finish it I will write a review.

This just makes me happy :D I really do love to USE my cross stitch where it is reasonable to do so. I also love seeing my stitching on display, but for small things like this it is so much FUN to use! It just makes me happy. Does anyone else find this??

 Do you make bookmarks with your stitching? I'm actually thinking of running a special Christmas SAL that includes a bookmark and an ornament with full instructions/ videos on how to make both. I think it would be a great activity.

Happy Stitching,

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