Friday 18 October 2019

Halloween Pattern Round-up

It's that time of the year that I need to showcase my cute Halloween patterns just to remind you that they exist.
I have three patterns currently that are directly Halloween themed and one that works for halloween if you cut out the words.

Lets start with the obvious ones. There is my Witches Brew pattern that is available from etsy.

Witches Brew

It comes with a special little freebie of the little witch as well. You get this when you buy the Witches Brew pattern.

Then there is another freebie. In 2014 about this time I posted this cute little Ghost.
You can find the pattern by following the link. I hope you enjoy this little gift.

The last pattern isn't a deliberate Halloween pattern but with a small tweak of leaving out the words this makes an awesome witch pattern. Actually probably looks more like a witch than a magician but I loved this saying and the drawing. So maybe not entirely Halloween themed but enjoy my Accountant witch :D

What do you think of this Halloween collection? Looking at it I'm realising that I have a severe deficiency and I may have to get designing!

I hope you enjoy these designs and I'd love to see some of your fun halloween makes so link them below please!

Happy Stitching,


  1. These patterns are so adorable. They”d make a great little project to teach kids with, wouldn’t they?

    1. Definitely! That is one of the starting points I used for my little characters. Any of my simple characters are very easy for kids and have no back stitching. Ones like my Accountant or Magician would be suitable for slightly older beginners ones with the ability to concentrate better. It is still a simple pattern and relatively small which helps.


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