Thursday 3 October 2019

Inktober 2019

Maybe I'm crazy... maybe I just don't think about what I'm signing up for but I signed up to do Inktober 2019. It's 3 days in and I think I'm currently doing pretty darn well. We shall see if that attitude continues.

For those that don't know Inktober is a drawing challenge created by artist Jake Parker and it's designed to get you drawing every day of October. It's not meant to be the most amazing drawings though some people have some stunning work. (not me so don't worry) But you are given prompts each day that you can choose to follow. You can choose to do every day or ever second day or even every week depending on your other commitments. It's about committing to something and getting in the habit of doing it.

But why Ink? It started as a way just to draw. You can't erase ink so it's about just getting your ideas down on paper. Now I HAVE been drawing basic pencil outlines of my drawings as I don't feel quite confident enough but I'm trying to stick with the premise of not going over and over and over the drawings trying to fix every part.

Now you can choose to draw with a theme in mind of you can make your drawings go everywhere. I without even realising it at first chose to draw with a theme in mind. I'm following the prompt list above but also drawing OWLS... shock horror... is anyone surprised? I seem to draw owls or girls at the moment.


When thinking of a ring all I could think of was a wreath so I started drawing a wreath and the owls weren't even in the picture. I had finished the wreath and felt that it needed something more. I wasn't sure what but it needed something so I added the owls into the middle section.


So then came Day 2 and for mindless I couldn't think of anything more mindless than the way we all (me included some days) sit in front of the TV just zoning out to everything. But I didn't want to draw a person so in came the owls again.

Now a theme is established and we shall see how it continues!


On Day 3 I had to think a little harder and then I thought about what you use bait for. Well you bait a trap don't you? This led perfectly to this little owl trap for the unwary.

I'm using a bit of colour so not 100% black and white but it's soooo much fun :D

If there are any designs you would like me to digitise and turn into patterns post a comment below, nothing will be happening quickly as I have two exams right at the end of October/first day of November.

Happy Stitching,

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