Monday 13 January 2020

Craft Every Day 2020 Week 2

I am loving this challenge. It is so fun to make sure that I do SOMETHING each day. I will find that it gets harder once university starts but it is making me happier. I also did a fair amount of cleaning and sorting of my threads and projects but I haven't got any photos of it. I feel very good about the progress I've made.

If you want to see the photos as they appear they are all on instagram.
I've done some drawing this week :D While sitting at work this was fun to draw.

I also finished a little more on Baroque ... I really need to finish this square!

I also FINALLY finished this little owl :D I love the difference between before and after backstitching.

Week 2 was released in the peppermint purple SAL and I love the way this is turning out.

 I also finally made my life a little bit easier by setting my frame up. It is so much easier to stitch quickly set up properly.

I've also been test stitching a new pattern. I have a couple of things to finalise but this little one will be out this week.

Then I finally finished the snow white biscornu. I have had this one on the go for WAAAY too long for a little piece.

So I have been really productive this week and I feel so awesome. There have been times tired after a day at work that I wanted to just sit and do nothing but picking up my stitching made me feel great. I have something to show for each day.

You can still join me in #crafteveryday2020 I would love to see more of you on instagram sharing with me. Or comment below and link to your blog posts where you are sharing this.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Great work! I am crafting everyday. I post my 20-a-day in the Just Nan FB group and everything else on my blog.


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