Wednesday 22 January 2020

Learning French

I decided to challenge myself this year... on top of everything else that I am doing in my crazy world and teach myself French! Tu parles fran├žais?

I downloaded duolingo and I've been dutifully working my way through it trying to get my vocabulary and usage up enough that I can tackle this book that came in the mail...

Yes that is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in French! Though it's title is actually "at the school of sorcerors" if I am reading that correctly?? (Please correct me if I am wrong because I want to get it right!)

Is anyone else on duolingo and wanting to add me as a friend? I'll be cheering you along the whole way! My username is CaitlinJor7 I hope that is all you need to add me :D

I started learning French when I was 10 years old at school and continued until I was 15. So I did a few years but never became particularly fluent in it and the way it was used at school I'm not surprised, it was one class a week and we learnt some basic vocab and then when I got to high school it was 3 classes a week but again very basic vocab and even repeating some of what I'd learnt already but not cementing it in daily use.

The thing motivating me now is that I'm tired of not being able to say well I speak two languages. In today's world is there really any excuse not to know a second language? So I'm practicing daily with duolingo. I'm watching disney films on disney+ in French and I have this book to read as well as a couple of others I found on kindle. I also found some podcasts and videos on youtube that I like. I'm slowly going to try and immerse myself in French where it is possible/reasonable to do so and I think that will make a difference and I hope I can become fluent for once.

So if I start writing two paragraphs, one in French and one in English don't be surprised! Because I'm going to need all the practice I can get.

Have you learnt a second or third language? Do you have any advice or help?

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled program soon.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Yes, that is The School of Sorcerers rather than th Philosophers Stone. I wonder why they changed it?
    Do you follow any French bloggers? Jocondine is a good friend of mine, she would be happy to chat to you in French. I can read un peu but it's been a long while since I took my French O level!


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