Monday 27 January 2020

Craft Every Day Week 4

We're already on week 4 :D but not sure how much crafting I will do today as I managed to burn my fingers doing something really idiotic! Who would have thunk that a pan out of the oven is hot? Yeah apparently not me!!!

Anyway this week I've done a lot of knitting and blackwork and some random drawing.

 To break up the tonne of photos of my knitting day after day I took a photo in black and white.

 Where is the weirdest place you have crafted? I was waiting for the uniform shop to open to get the kids new uniforms.

I drew myself a little witch to go with my new book :D This little girl is so cute :D

It took a couple of days but I managed to finish this week's square from the peppermint purple SAL.
 There is a drawing challenge going around instagram at the moment called Toonme ... I would recommend looking it up! The artwork is really awesome. But here is my bad rendition of it. Basically you draw a line across your face and turn half of your face into a toon. I hope you like mine. It's not perfect but for an hour playing on my computer it was really fun to do!

 And lastly I made this little book. You can see the video of it on instagram, but it is a little mini paper book. I found a video on youtube and had to make my own version. I don't know what exactly I'll do with it but I love it anyway!

A lot of random crafts this week but it's been so much fun :D

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Lots of fun crafts to keep you busy. I can't draw for anything, even my stick figures are scary!


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