Tuesday 2 June 2020

Knitting Progress and Board Games

My friend had her birthday over the weekend and it was kinda awesome to see her again. We played board games and had yummy cake! It was nice to enjoy games again. I realised how much I missed my monthly board game nights. 

I forgot to get photos of the games I made for the night but I have been having some fun and finding board games to print and play. It is awesome how many games are available to be printed at the moment. Some you have to buy some you don't.

Unstable Unicorns
This is unstable unicorns, this is a copy a friend had but I managed to download and make up a copy as well from the tee turtle website. 

No candles so we had sparklers :D 

Rainbow cake :D

And now to the knitting! I have done all the parts for my bunny and now I'm in the process of sewing it together. 

It looks so cute :D and very lopsided. I couldn't manage to get the eyes to look right.... I've never been good at embroidering eyes on. 

I think I have the legs in the right spot? They're just pinned at the moment. 

Last night the kids wanted to play games with us so we played Bananagrams ... James won which isn't really that surprising. Though I wasn't far off. It's kinda a scrabble type game. 

And also Princess UNO. Because who wants to play with normal UNO cards?

I'm down to just the last two exams and then I'm done with my Master's degree. I will have a lot more time. But I am going to plan another games night with my friends sooner rather than later because I am realising that I have missed this so much. I miss talking with my friends and the interactions that come from playing games together. The reasoning and the ruthlessness .... and losing. I seem to have an innate ability to lose games but I enjoy playing them still. 

Happy Stitching, 

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  1. Games with friends is always a good time, so nice you were able to get together.
    The rainbow cake looks delicious, did you make it?
    Awe, the bunny looks adorable so far.
    Good luck on your last two exams, how exciting!


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