Tuesday 23 June 2020

My Hands!

So if you have been watching my instagram I have been posting about this but I realised that I hadn't posted anything about this here. Each year in winter I react to the cold and my hands can start to peal and get quite painful. I thought that this year my hands were doing the same... oh I wish! 

This was at the start of it all... you can see a reddening around my palms and some light red dots... this was the start. This is usually where it stops. It's a little painful but otherwise fine. I piled hand creams on and continued about my day.  

This year it became a LOT worse. I ended up at the doctors a week ago because I was in an extreme amount of pain. Essentially constant pins and needles through my whole hands. It turns out I was having an allergic reaction! The only thing I can pin it down to that I have changed recently is the soaps I'm using at work. We work next to a doctors surgery and the soap in the toilet got changed to one that has the antibacterial stuff in it. Which it appears I'm allergic to!

This is now my hand after a week of steroid creams and anti histamines. I didn't get photos at the height of the reaction but lets just say they were more red than anything and extremely painful. So now I carry my own soap to the toilets... and try and avoid washing my hands as much as reasonably possible because it makes the reaction worse. I have to use a steroid cream up to 4 times a day and they are getting better. Not healed yet but better. Unfortunately for me the reaction was on my hands and it's the worst spot for doing anything. 

Would you believe that this is actually less painful than my hand before? The pins and needles over my whole hands are pretty much gone which is fabulous I'm now just dealing with pealing skin. Which means new skin beneath which is a different pain. 

So just letting you know that any stitching/crafting from me is taking a LONG time at the moment I start working and then have to stop very frequently if not just give up for the day. 

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Oh no; that looks very painful! I hope the steroids continue to do the trick and your hands heal quickly!

  2. Oh my, ouch! I'm so glad you figured out what the problem was and it's fixable for you. It's just the waiting to heal part that still stinks! Hope you back to your crafty self soon.


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