Friday 3 June 2011

A small finish

Well the bookmark is finished. At least the stitching part. I still need to buy some felt. I knew I should have bought some today when I went to get some more needles! It really didn't take that long I just didn't spend that long on it before today. But I finally decided to finish it so I can use it to read with.
Floral Bookmark
I found out today that there is a place around my area that does a knitting group that is free to go to and essentially you can get help if you need it but you can do whatever you want. It may be a chance to keep going with the knitted toys while still focusing on the cross stitch. Once I find out more I will keep you updated with what happens.

So now back to the wedding sampler :D



  1. Your bookmark is lovely!

    It feels good to join a stitching/knitting group because they can inspire everyone to finish their WIPs. During Thursdays, I also go to a needlecraft group in our area :-)

  2. Yeah :D the other thing I've started with my friends is a craft group :D once a month. I'm looking forward to the first one this sunday :D


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