Thursday 16 June 2011

Small Updates

I now have 2 works in Progress :D I have been working on Lickle Ted.

Lickle Ted
As you can see I have a start. But it hasn't had too much started yet.... It's a lot of counting at the moment and getting the stitches in the right spot. I had to undo the whole bottom right area because I'd miscounted the start! I don't like it when the frog visits!

I also have been working on To Have and To Hold. The whole right side is finished except for backstitch and french knots. That will happen at the end :D It's looking so pretty it's exciting.

Queensland lost!!!!! It's the first time for something like 5 games. So this year the State of Origin goes into the decider! But hopefully we come out victorious, otherwise I won't be happy!


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