Friday 10 June 2011

So I give up on this kit

I know I haven't really started it even but I wanted to do the fairy from WOCS 176 but... I can't organise the threads! I've tried a couple of times now. I keep getting caught at all the whites, there are 3 strands 2 belong to natural white and 1 belongs to white. Do you think I can see any difference between these 2 colours? Apparently according to the chart they are meant to be different... I can't see it.

But onto To Have & To Hold, I have done a little, my problem at the moment is the hoop and how to get the picture in it. It won't fit so I need to reorganise myself.

To Have and To Hold

I'm really enjoying seeing this design come together. It will be fun I can't wait 'til it's finished and then I can give it to my friend. I really hope she likes it. The amount of time I'm putting into this.


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