Thursday 9 June 2011

The World of Cross Stitch

I love this magazine. I have been getting most of the issues since the beginning of the year. I say most because I can't find it every month in the same newagents. This time around I found issue 176 in the newsaganet at the normal time and then 178 had been air shipped in. So it was there right next to the other issue. But I am still missing issue 177. Hopefully it turns up at one of the newsagents next month. This is the problem with liking a magazine that comes from the UK they don't reliably come in or they are picked up by someone else in a flash.

Also on the magazine. I love the kit that came with issue 176 and I thought my eyes were fairly good but I have 28 threads here and I can't tell the difference between about 10 of them they are all very subtly off white. It's confusing. I may have to wait 'til I can find the daylight lamp and use that one because it's hard to tell the difference and I don't trust myself to stitch :D Oh well back to To have and To Hold!


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