Monday 5 December 2011


Well this past week it has been crazy.

I read all the twilight books, in about 4 days. I forgot how much I really like those books. As bad as the writing in the story is sweet. Especially in the last couple of books where she becomes less pathetic and needy. I last read them when I was just out of high school and now when I'm engaged to be married it gave me a very different outlook on the books. I didn't thinkBella quite as pathtic when she had to be with Edward, I understand wanting to be with the one you love now.

End of Term
But other than reading the twilight books life has been going crazy! It's now the last week of term, so I have students running everywhere! I have to finish up all the lessons with Christmas fun and write the report cards for 40 kids.

I also have the last week of joey scouts tonight. We are having a party and I had to go find gifts for all the kids. I still need to go buy cards and candy canes for the kids.

My Car

My car has now been cleaned and I need to book it in for a service before we go away. The cleaning process took a couple of hours, between all the junk my car seems to accumulate and organising the music books that seem to live in my car for no reason. I have a really bad habit of using my car to carry everything I could possibly need. It comes from driving constantly between my fiances house and my house. I like to have everything where I can find it not 1hr away!

I don't think I've mentioned this before but we are organising a 2 week vacation just after Christmas, driving down to Canberra to visit family. It will be so much fun. But at the moment we're having to plan how to get down there. There are three choices of roads and which one we take depends on rain. Hopefully the roads won't be flooded, I'm really looking forward to getting away!

I need a new job. Working as I am as a music teacher isn't getting me enough money. I need a job that pays more and I'm guaranteed the same amount each week. At the moment I get about $500 a week which isn't enough! I am thinking of getting into an online business admin course next year to do around music teaching so that hopefully I can get a job as a secretary or something. I just need something to do that I don't have to take home in the evening. I just spent 4 years at uni learning to be a teacher but I can't continue to do this and struggle to find a job that pays enough. I need continuity! So my life is a bit up in the air next year but hopefully it all works out.

With everything going on at the moment I actually have no stitching to show. I really haven't felt like stitching I'm too tired most of the time.Need to recharge only one week of teaching left!



  1. Sounds like you do need a vacation. Good luck with the job hunting and a good idea to work around the music, at least for awhile.

  2. Good luck with the new job. Music doesn't make much money... I know.... I work in the music field. :(

  3. my dear first i wanted to give you big hug..
    good luck with your job are in my prayers..i am sure you will soon find a nice one..
    love for you,,keep well xx


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