Tuesday 28 February 2012

So I've finally been paid :D

Since I've finally been paid again. Second Pay of the year and it's 7 weeks in... not good but the boss is now back from overseas so it should settle down. He really picked a bad bad bad time to go away.

But the reason I'm saying this is I want to buy myself a treat but what ...

I could afford to buy all the cottages so that I have them....
Country Cottages Jan-Apr

I could stretch a bit more and buy this pair ... they are stunning designs and ... a little bit more expensive at 16 each! but they are such stunning designs....
Woodland Vines & Brambles
I could go for this design which is absolutely stunning as well.
Cirque Cercles

and this a big or I save my money so I can go to the craft fair in March and buy a whole pile pf fabrics so I can do some of the charts that I actually own.... except I'm not really fussed about this craft fair ... I could just buy fabrics online ...

Ohk so here is where I need your help!
Should I buy a new chart ... or save my money and buy some fabrics for charts I already have. There are some gorgeous fabrics out there ...

Or just stitch what I have anyway. I think as much as I want more stash ... I am heading towards maybe buying the fabrics I need and leaving the stash for a while I feel very picky with money ... my boss is so frustrating with it!

But please vote over which chart/charts I should get ... I love to hear opinions.


  1. That's a tough choice! I guess it depends on which one you would stitch first... no use spending your budget on charts that will wait a long time before you get to stitch them! I don't think any of these charts will go out of print soon because they're so popular.

    If you have a pattern you want to start, but you don't have the fabric for it, go for some fabbie so you can get going! :)

  2. I vote for the fabric idea too. I can see why you want the charts, those cottages are too cute! But the fabric will give you encouragement to work with your stash and save money for more stash in the future.

  3. I'm gonna be NO help here, because everything looks gorgeous to me. Such a hard decision... but if I had to make it, Cirque is just stunning! Love. :)

  4. Yes, I say fabric too.
    But if you really want to buy a chart, my vote goes to Woodland. Very pretty.

  5. Yikes...that's a tough question!
    I'd probably go for the fabrics if you have charts in your stash that you want to stitch, no use adding to the stash and not actually using it! Good luck making your decision!

  6. Lots of great designs to pick from, Caitlin. :D

    Hmm.... if it were me, I'd save my money and get the fabbies. This way you'll have everything you need to stitch something instead of buying these charts and STILL have to buy fabbies. :)

  7. Congrats on the pay :) Hmm and it's a hard question you ask... I'd say go for the pretty fabrics. But if I had to choose one of these patterns, I'd pick Cirque Cercles

  8. I would go for the fabric for the charts you already have but it's a tough call as they are all stunning charts - says me who either owns or has on her wish list all your choices lol!

  9. Spoilt for choice!
    I'd go for the fabric. I am trying not to buy any charts this year under the belief that if I am meant to have one it will come to me.
    Witness the Giveaway I won today! A chart I've wanted for ages.
    I love all those CCN houses but I'm planning on waiting until all 12 have been released and deciding on my favourite then.

  10. Such a tough decision! I'd go for what makes u the most happy.

  11. I don't think I will be of much help because there are a lot of choices. I know for me I would buy the fabric for one simple reason - I know that I have patterns that I have had in my stash for a while and not the fabric to stitch them on. Very frustrating. Good luck with the choice.

  12. How about a compromise - one/two of the country cottages and some fabric? or the woodland vines ;)


Thank you for your comments I love to hear from you.

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