Friday 3 February 2012

Spending issues

Well I have money issues... More along the lines of I love to spend. I go to a shop and don't feel right if I don't come out having spent something. It's never something I really need. Usually something I've wanted for a while. I honestly have enough knitting yarn to make a tonne of toys yet I want more... I've seen groups of people knitting dishcloths and socks and I want to buy some yarn so I can participate but I can't really afford to spend and I don't need dishcloths and socks. I have enough cross stitch projects kitted up to keep me happy for years particularly with my HAED. I also have a JE plus some small kits as well as a pile of threads. Really I don't need to spend anything on cross stitch this year. I have so many books and movies I can keep myself happy for ages. I really really don't need to spend but I can't seem to help myself. So I am putting myself on a self imposed budget. Not sure how much yet but I need to stop auxiliary spending. How did this start today though? I haven't been paid yet. I should have been paid two days ago. And my boss has gone to chile. So I need to chase him up and I have no clue when I will be paid. I have $30 in my account. it's a really scary thought. I do have savings but I shouldn't have to use them. I could turn around and say I won't work until I get paid but if I do that I won't have a job to come back to as all my parents would walk. How do I deal with it? He did this to me last year as well and it took a month to get right but that wasn't straight after a 6 week holiday. I'm slightly stressed about this. Thank god for my family and phill. Thankfully I'm not paying rent and nor am I the main bread earner so my wage doesn't matter but it still makes me feel vulnerable. Sorry for the rant but I needed to get it out to someone other than my family. Caitlin


  1. I feel your pain believe me. Good luck with your boss, hope it works out soon. I meant to tell you that I think your toys are really cool. I have patterns for some things like that but so far have been too lazy? chicken? to try them. So I'll just watch for more of yours. :-)

  2. Oh gosh even not being the main breadwinner it's worrying. I hope you get sorted soon. x

  3. Sorry to read your boss has done that to you :( I think you should make it clear on his return that if it happens again you will take further action. I hope you get your pay soon x

  4. Hope you get your wages soon. As for the not spending, you can do it. Just keep telling yourself you have more than enough stash at home and you need to use them first before buying more. :)

  5. That is very wrong of your boss and surely he must be breaking the terms of your employment contract.

    Maybe it would be best to try and get another job and then hand in your notice.


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