Monday 27 February 2012

My Crazy weekend!

Now some of you may remember I have mentioned that I am a joey scout leader. Well this past weekend we had a sleepover at the scout den for Founders day, then we went up to the local lookout for a special founders day parade before coming back for a Joey/Cub scout Rally.

Now I was already tired since I'd worked Saturday morning. 4hrs of Back on Back students including a couple of really energetic classes. Which meant I went home and slept and then woke up with a start realising I had to pack! Now the weather was against us! It was raining and miserable all day and just when I needed to load the car it started to pour! Lucky me.

The joeys, when they started arriving, were so excited about having a sleepover that they were hopping out of their skins. I was really glad I decided to get them there before the cubs as I had a chance to calm them a little before the 'seasoned' campers came in. We had dinner and settled down for games and a movie which was wonderful but when the movie ended no one wanted to go to bed. It was nearing 11 before the last kid settled down to sleep. Then we could finally go to bed and I tossed and turned all night. I really couldn't settle.

Then at ungodly hour of the morning 5:45 to be exact (it was extremely early considering my lack of sleep) my alarm went off. Which signalled to me I had to get up and get ready before waking up my Joeys. They mainly got up well except for one kid. He got up realised he hadn't (nor had his dad) packed his uniform and then hopped straight back in bed. Nothing I could do could get him out of his funk until I picked him up and carried him to the breakfast table. From then he was fine. Crazy kid.

The rest of the day went smoothly lots of activities and kids running around everywhere. I had 7 joeys all up and they were all crazy! By the end of the day they were so happy and exhausted and so was I! I went home and slept!

But in between some of the craziness I did manage to do some work on my Afternoon Tea :D The border part at the top is almost finished now (for this page) and I've started filling in the black. I realise now why they say 7 skeins of black! There is so much between the leaves of the background the next page is half black and this one is 1/3 black!

I'm loving working on this piece it is so much fun :D the colours are awesome and it's always such a surprise what is going to appear next.

Hope your weekend wasn't as crazy as mine.



  1. Sounds like you had fun. Whoa... 7 skeins of black? That's really a lot of black. Yes, stating the obvious, I know :P


  2. great stitching..
    love for you xx

  3. It certainly sounds like a crazy weekend. I'm glad the kids had fun though.

    Great start on your new project. :)



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