Sunday 12 February 2012

I'm obsessed :) Video Heavy!

When I first heard celtic woman I became obsessed with their music! I haven't been following them from the start (2004) but I managed to first hear them about 4 years ago.

When they started Chloe Agnew was about 15 yrs old her voice was gorgeous then but in the last couple of years her voice has become so rich it is lovely.
The first video is chloe singing ave maria at 15 the one below is chloe singing ave maria at 22 I think (it was recorded september last year.

Her voice has become so rich and beautiful.

Over the years the group has changed but the core group of singers (chloe agnew, lisa kelly and mairead (on the violin)) have stayed.

The reason for this post is I received the latest celtic woman DVD in the mail plus the believe CD and Lullaby. So all I have listened to for the past week is celtic woman. The music makes me happy. The pipes, flutes and violin add such a beautiful element and I always want to dance when I hear their music.

This song has become my new favourite closely followed by
Ohk I'm going to leave it there before I post all of their videos.
Enjoy the music.


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