Monday 19 May 2014

Bag Time

I've had this bag brewing for a couple of weeks. I bought the pattern from GingerCake before Easter thinking that they would make awesome bags for the kids with camping. That just didn't happen and I never got around to making up one of the bags. Then a couple of weeks ago now I cut out the fabric.

Then it just sat there for a while until I managed to get a zip. Then it sat again until I managed to brave spotlight for some wadding. Slowly the bag came together. I added the front pockets and extended the handles to reach the bottom of the bag. I love the effect.

Then Sunday came and I just had to power through and because I was busy running around various activities I actually got a lot more achieved than I thought I would.

Sunday night saw me sewing the lining into the bag by hand as it just looks better and I didn't want to deal with the zip on my sewing machine.

This is what happens though when you ask a 7 year old to take the photos of you with the bag. Fingers look good in photos.

So here is the finished bag. All lovely and beautiful. I do want to scotch guard it though to water proof it a little before I use it. I'm really happy with how it turned out, such a simple pattern and the directions that came with the pattern were awesome. I knew what to do with any issue that might come up because she already thought of them.

Hope you enjoy the photos of my weekends work. I have a new sewing project I will tell you about next time. I'm really excited about my new challenge.

Happy Stitching everyone,


  1. Well done. It looks great:)

  2. Well done. Love the picture taken of you with the finger in the photo. So sweet!

  3. Brilliant !!! I really want to try sewing a bag. I've done dresses but bags scare me haha


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