Thursday 15 May 2014

Days of nothing

I had no idea what I should write in my title today but it always feels like my days are surrounded by nothing. It isn't until I actually go through my pictures on my phone that I realise no I didn't do NOTHING! I did something. Yes I did 40 million loads of washing, and I don't know how many clothes I folded or dishes I washed and floors cleaned but I also washed a cross stitch for a little girl and framed it. (Well almost I need to get some tape to seal the back so it stays closed.) 

This cross stitch has been sitting there finished for about a month. I love it because although the pattern was from a book she just looked through my colours and picked ones that she felt like using. It was all her choice and it looks amazing. 

 Unfortunately this image didn't want to spin though I told it to. Oh well! 

So this was me on Wednesday morning at craft group lacing the cross stitch onto a foam core board. Then gluing foam core to the back of the mat board to lift it away from the cross stitch so that the beads don't touch the glass.

I always hand lace anything that needs to be framed that is in a size that I can frame myself. It's just so much easier and when I found this gorgeous frame at photo continental on Tuesday I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately the fabric it was stitched on was a little small so the lacing does come around to the front. It's also good I didn't really have to straighten this much or pull tightly just firmly so I could do this.

 Here is the foam core glued on. It looks really really weird but it does the job I wanted it to do.

Thankfully all this has ended in a beautiful finish :D I must say I'm impressed by what a nine year old can accomplish when they want to. 

Now she will be entering this in the show this year and we'll see how she does!
Happy Stitching everyone, 


  1. It looks lovely. You did a really great job.

  2. I didn't realise at first that the girl had stitched this herself, I thought you had and it was FOR her.

    She's made a great job of it, made all the better for the professional looking framing. I love the foam core on the back of the mat. Something I will have to try myself.

  3. Looks amazing, great job! Wish her luck for the show.
    Alicia xo


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