Thursday 11 September 2014

Life update

Well I have been quite busy this past week though I can't claim to have any cross stitch finished or even done this past week. That would require being organised.

First I'll start with the bad news, well kind of bad. We were in a fender bender accident on the weekend. Someone ran up the back of my car. So I am spending my week running around trying to organise the quotes and insurance. Thankfully it is just the back panels of my car and everyone is alright. Though 5 minutes up the road someone else ran us off the road, again no one was hurt and thankfully this time the car didn't get hurt either.

But on better news I had a performance on the Sunday and it went really really well. After the performance we managed to get to the Redcliffe Kite Fest.

 There were some amazing kites on display up in the air.

The kids were fascinated and loved looking at all the cool kites. They also enjoyed the rides and making wax dipped candles.

To make myself feel better about an assessment for my car that I had to go to today I bought a couple of new magazines.... actually it was the owl on the front cover that did it for me.

I love this newsagent! They had a shelf full of the little books that come on the front of magazines. It was great as I was able to get a Joan Elliott magazine and a couple of other little designs. I may have to torture my family and stitch them all purple shiny ornaments for Christmas this year! Though none of them would be perfectly happy as no one likes purple like me.... maybe then I can keep them all??

Oh and that cute little owl sitting on the front of the magazine...
Well it was just begging to be started so here he is... though I will say the yarn is awful to work with but it looks soooooo cute already! and there is enough yarn to make another one if I want.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Lovy kite festival ..
    And you have some great mags..happy sweet owl ..enjoy my dear xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your fender bender. It's annoying, isn't it? Cute owl - you deserve the magazines and some fun ;0)

  3. The owl looks really cute. I think I need to buy some new mags too.

  4. Two bumps in 5 minutes, that was unlucky.

    The magazine stash made up for it though. Do you usually get the freebie booklets when you get the magazines?

  5. What a cute owl project! The colors are so vibrant :)


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