Wednesday 17 September 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday

Well I haven't achieved too much today but I have done something. I've done another colour and a bit on my blanket since last week.

I have been busy though today and have been doing some of my assignment and I'm getting closer to finishing which kinda still makes it a WIP but not one I can really show you or that you would be interested in.

 I added the dark green today and started the dark purple.

 It feels great to be making progress however slow.

I also have a little bit of progress on Baroque by Ink Circles.

It's not much but it's better than nothing. Little bit by little bit I will get there. I need to get myself motivated.

Hope you enjoy my little bit of progress.
You can see more pictures at the moment if you follow me on Instagram, it's so much easier to post photos quickly there as my phone posts to Instagram but I need my computer to post blogs. Anyway my name is NaughtsCrossStitches on Instagram which you can enjoy.

ETA: I linked up to an Australian WIP link up. Join up if you want to.
Little White Dove
Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow beautiful blanket and your stitching is looking so sweet too
    Hugs xo

  2. That blanket looks exactly like one I absolutely treasure from my grandmother... beautiful! Cross stitch is such a perfect project for picking up and putting down.... one stitch at a time after all!

  3. Love all of the colors and the cross stitch fabric is fantastic.

  4. LOVE that blanket! Looks so beautiful and warm!

  5. Caitlin your blanket is coming along nicely! I cant wait to see more of your baroque piece. You've chosen a beautiful fabric for it :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing more of the Ink Circles project, the colours are unusual, quite beachy!


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