Friday 19 September 2014


What's your motivator? How do you keep yourself motivated on finishing a project?

I have been trying to do an assignment for my business course for the last 6 months but I have had issues with the administration of my course and feeling like I'm getting no support through this. But last week that all changed I was invited to an online meet up at one of their campuses and I took the opportunity to go. This was exciting as the moment I walked in the door I felt welcome and invited to participate. I was able to get the information I needed and deal with what was required. I finally felt like I was supported again and I was hanging around on the side with no help. It's amazing what that does for my ability to actually finish my assignment and move onto the next unit. I am finished the assignment TODAY!!! WOOHOO!!!!

This also goes for crafts as well. It's sometimes hard to find motivation to actually complete something not just keep starting endless projects.I was good for a while going to a craft group once a week and enjoying the company and talking about projects. I found I actually got stuff done particularly those finishing tasks that keep getting put off. Of course when craft group got cancelled I had all sorts of plans to use the time and the chance to get out my sewing machine. Then plans get lazy and when you're by yourself nothing gets achieved well nothing when I have all day to do something I procrastinate all day and then wonder where my day went.

Recently Cate from Life Behind the Purple Door my partner's sister, asked me to join her for our own craft group which I jumped at! Though not always achieving much every Wednesday I do find that I get something done. This last Wednesday I did achieve something small. I worked for 4 hours on my assignment and then I did a row of crochet which is more than I've done for a while. Working with other people is such a major motivator.
You can see my post about my progress here

It's wonderful having help to keep you motivated. So here are my goals for the next month for EVERYONE to read so that you can all be my motivators and keep me on track.

1. Start and Finish another unit of my course in 3 weeks like I am meant to.
2. Do another 2 colour rotations on my blanket. So this is at least 24 colours. This is doable by the end of October.
3. Finish the square on Baroque that I'm currently working on.
4. Start the Christmas gifts. I think I know what I'm making this year and I need to get them started or else no one is getting anything!
5. Post every Wednesday at least with a summary of my on the go projects. 

I think these are good goals for this month. SO by the end of October I should have these completed. That is my plan and this is my motivation... all of you lovely peeps and your kind words!

 SO What is your motivator?

Happy Stitching,


  1. My motivation is the same as yours Caithlin - friends. Three stitching friends and I started to meet up on Wednesdays, taking it in turns to be at each other´s houses. We gossip and stitch, plan and laugh and that´s enough to keep us finishing ufo´s and with lists of future projects.

  2. Glad to hear you finally got some support. I did a Distance Learning course and support is so important, otherwise you can just feel so adrift. The college I did mine with were amazing though.

    Motivation can be a tricky thing. When I am looking for stitching motivation I some times look at my WIP's or look on blogs at what others are doing and that helps motivate me. In other areas I try to remember how satisfying it feels to reach a goal or finish a project and that helps. Also goals and rewards can be a great help to my motivation as well.

  3. Hmmm mine is same friends at the guild so much motivate me :)
    Happy day xx

  4. What's my motivator? If I don't stitch I would have to do something else, like the housework LOL.

    I also think my blog helps keep me on track. I am doing various SALs this year which involve posting on certain days, TUSAL, Theme-a-licious, WIPocalypse etc which give me dates to aim for with my stitching.

  5. I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it Caitlin. I have to motivate myself. It also helps that I cannot stand to just sit and watch TV. I could also get a lot more done if I would stay off this computer. LOL



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