Sunday 28 September 2014

My week at Cuboree

So last week I was the crazy person that went away on a scout camp with 600 cubs as a carer for one of my old Joey Scouts. For those that don't know cubs are 8-11 year old scouts. It was an absolutely crazy and exhausting week and I had an awesome time but I know I'm exhausted and a little sick from the sheer craziness.

 On the way up my friend and I sat next to each other on the trip.

 I got challenged to do the obstacle course ( or maybe I challenged my charge to get her to do the course. )
 It was great fun and all the kids stepped outside their comfort zone to try things they hadn't before.
 I realised how much monkey bars hurt your arms! I used to love these as a kid!
 We had pillow fights :D They of course called on me next to challenge them.

 The second day we went whale watching.

 We saw lots of awesome humpback whales and it was a great experience.
 Though my camera isn't great at getting good photos at that distance.
 Then we went to the discovery sphere where there was this amazing statue it was enormous!
 On the third day we travelled through time and made some awesome crafts.
 and were challenged to throw spears at the emus.

 Then we met Mary Poppins and played with the circus.
 The best part though was panning for gold in our own special stream. (we found lots of brass and aluminium but they didn't hide much gold in there!)
 On the second last day we woke up to this amazing fog. It didn't lift until mid morning so it made it interesting finding the toilets.
 Of course once it lifted it showed the absolute exhaustion of all the leaders. The kids are being entertained by the scouts and we took the opportunity to rest our eyes and bodies just a little.

Of course as soon as I came back I took the opportunity to sew my badges on my blanket. I got a whole new pile sewn on and I'm really excited that I managed to swap for so many awesome badges while I was away.

Hope you had fun for the first week of the holidays.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh my goodness - you are a BRAVE woman! It looks like to was a wonderful time - and definitely time well spent. Kudos to you - now rest and stitch *-*

  2. Looks like a fun week Caitlin.



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