Friday 10 October 2014

Homemade Creams

I want to become more and more able to make stuff at home and buying less stuff that is full of chemicals and preservatives. That goes for both food and house hold stuff.

With that in mind I was directed to this really cool website. It's about 50 things you should be making at home instead of buying. I am going to try them all bit by bit.

I started with the moisturising cream. You can find the recipe I used here

 I gathered all my ingredients together. It was really hard to grate the beeswax but once I worked out how to hold it it went really well. Thankfully I had a helper by that point so he could stir while I grated.

One thing I found is it said to let cool slightly... I ended up having to leave it for 10 minutes to cool down before I could add the rosewater. It needs to be starting to cream up and thicken. Once it starts that it goes very quickly. (the time I had to leave it was probably influenced by the temperature here it's quite warm during the day)
 Here it is on the stove as it's creamed up. I'm adding the rosewater at this point... bit by bit I slowly added it.

Now it was only meant to make roughly 2 baby jars full of stuff. But I used some old Lancome jars that grandma gave me (I thought to make them into pin cushions maybe but not anymore) I filled three jars plus a little baby food jar. I thought I'd added a little bit more oil than I should have!

Although reading the comments on the blog some people keep it in the fridge, some don't I think it depends where you live. I will be keeping mine in the fridge because it's too hot here and since we're going into summer it's only going to get hotter.

Also the comments say the almond oil is the moisturising agent and some people say they replaced it with coconut oil or apricot oil with lovely results. I will have to experiment with the coconut oil as I bought some recently to try cooking with it.

I'm thinking these jars of cream will make gorgeous Christmas presents for all the ladies in my family. I will have to see though how I like the cream as time goes on. If you guys make it please tell me how it goes I want to find out how other people fare.

Happy Stitching or creaming :D


  1. Sounds like an interesting idea x

  2. These would make lovely gifts and I'm sure it smells wonderful!

  3. Sounds fun and I bet it was a fraction of the cost of a decent moisturiser!


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