Wednesday 15 October 2014

WIP Wednesday 15/10

I'm running a bit late today... I almost forgot to post. I took a whole pile of photos this afternoon but it's 8 O'clock before I remember to actually get on the computer.

I had a little bit of fun today ... my friend asked me to go with her to Tangled Yarns in the Valley I couldn't resist! I wanted to get some cottons that I could use to make dish cloths/face cloths. I want them for Christmas presents. I picked some awesome colours and I'm going to have so much fun. It's Pierrot a Japanese cotton yarn.

 I also wanted to make a gorgeous lace vest thingy. I got some Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima in a gorgeous purple. I'm so excited about what it's going to be.

Also that gorgeous hook sitting up there in the top of the yarn is one of my new Clover amour hooks. I love love love love my new hook.

Here is the gorgeous pattern that I'm now working on.

Not the best photo and I'll get a better one tomorrow but this shows you my WIP. It is so exciting, to be working on this.

I do have a little finish but I also still need to stuff this little Kutie. Then sew up the second one. 

 I made sure that the back of the dog was all the same colour for the ears and tail. The red one is going to be the same. It took lots of planning.

I had to plan out the ears and tails quite carefully. It took a lot of thinking. 

Once we got back from shopping my friend and I couldn't resist starting crochet. Here she is making a lovely dish cloth for herself.


I also have done a tiny little bit of crochet on my blanket. Bit by bit I'm going to get there.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Another adorable dog Caitlin. Love your crochet.


  2. Loving your colour choices in your blanket

  3. Great new stash. I've ordered from Tangled Yarns. It must be great in person. The puppies are so sweet:)

  4. This is my first time here and I find that you are a productive lady! I love the quilt under the magazine: it is beautifully quilted. I love your dogs, especially the one with the music sheet fabrics. Gorgeous ears! And the cotton yard you just bought is quite pretty. Now, I'd like to go at a yarn store myself... ;-)


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