Wednesday 29 October 2014

WIP Wednesday 29/10

I'm almost at the end of the month and I actually feel like I've started achieving more this month than I have in a long time. I've started towards some personal goals and managing to actually work towards my course again.

But while doing that I've also been making more time for my craft and actually trying to achieve some goals. I will talk more about those goals on Friday as it's the last day of the month but before then I do have some progress pictures to show you.

I apologise now for the bad photos because I've been travelling around south east queensland today collecting an engine and photos of my work was the last thing on my mind.

Though I did get a chance to work on my blanket in the car, it is looking pretty awesome! I did have a little hitch.

Although thankfully I got the tangle sorted and I could continue crocheting. I really need a better way of storing all my balls of yarn so they don't tangle!

This month I've finished another rotation of colours. Which is awesome since I have been distracted by other projects a lot this month.

I also have another WIP which really shouldn't STILL be a WIP but I am incredibly lazy when I know I have a week before it needs to be finished.

My poor little doggie has been stuffed for the last week but I haven't been organised (bothered) enough to sew him up and I need to take him to band tomorrow as he needs to be in the raffle on Saturday. I will get him finished tomorrow!

Oh well. I haven't got anymore WIP to show you but I do have a couple of little finishes to show off another day. I've kinda gotten addicted to working with cotton.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Hello!

    Gorgeous crochet - my balls of yarn go like that too though usually because my kitty carries them off.
    Lovely doggie too.
    Have a good day x

  2. The blanket looks great Caitlin. I love the music fabric.


  3. beautiful blanket dear..
    sweet hugs x


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