Wednesday 8 October 2014

WIP Wednesday - 8/10

It's been an awesome day :D I got a lovely necklace and a gorgeous headband from the kids this morning.

To make it better I spent the morning crafting and working on my blanket. Until I realised that I had left the one colour I needed at home and I wasn't there. So then I swapped to working on my cross stitch.

My blanket is getting so big I'm only one colour away from starting a new rotation.

My Tiki is getting closer and closer to a finish! I'm almost finished the green and then it's just the border and back stitch to go. I've already done the back stitch on the bottom tiki so there is just the top one which makes me even happier.

I'm exploring working with my phone camera more and getting it to take better and better photos. I hope with some work on lighting I should be able to get better photos and with much better camera programs too. I didn't realise until today that you could get other programs to actually take good pictures I've always just used the base camera. The photos are going to get slowly better.

Then I went to a trumpet lesson which was awesome as I feel like I have some clue about what I'm doing now for tomorrow. Running through stuff away from band makes life so much easier I should heed my own advice more often!

Now I need to go get ready for dinner tonight.
I'm going to enjoy not having to cook :D

Happy Stitching,


  1. Wow beautiful stitching and lovely crochet :)
    Happy hugs x

  2. Happy Birthday Caitlin. Your blanket is looking beautiful.

  3. Your blanket is looking great - the colours are gorgeous. Lovely stitching too!

  4. Cute bookmark Caitlin. But oh how I love the colors in your blanket.


  5. The blanket is looking great. I think crochet will be on hit list of things to learn next year :)

  6. I love the bright colors in your blanket and lovely stitching progress on your bookmark!


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