Monday 16 March 2015

Capture 30 - how I'm using my planner now.

I know that the way I'm using my planner has changed a lot in the last couple of months since I signed up for the capture 30 class. I talked about it here. BUT for me the most amazing fact is that I'M STILL USING MY PLANNER!

Yes it keeps moving around and yes it changes but amazingly I'm still keeping track of my life. I'm not letting it just pass me by despite the fact that some days can feel like it. I'm also getting myself more organised in life but also on my blog. So I went looking at printable blog planning help and didn't really find anything that I liked SO I made some for myself. I even used them to plan this post. It gets my blog stuff off my monthly calendar and into a place where I can look at it and plan.

I want to show you what my planner looks like now and offer you some printables if I can work out how to give them to you...

I'm finally making it really work for me. It's been feeling like I'm slowly working out the kinks. Just last week I moved around the sections in my planner to make the order work for me and I also took out all of January because it was starting to get crowded to turn the pages. I'm going to have to get a spare binder to hold the old months.

Now I know I've shown you my project life pages and I took those out of the planner a month ago or so because they were just getting too bulky and I was worried about the photos being bent with me toting it around all the time. So they are in their own binder and looking very pretty though I still need to make a cover.

Inside my planner I'm still using the monthly spreads. Though I've moved them so that the notes section is before the calendar not after and that seems to be working a bit better. 

As you can see February ended up really full and March is slowly filling up. I'm definitely appreciating a tiny pen when I need to fit a lot in. 

I also still have a notes section where I'm writing weekly to do lists and tasks. Sometimes I break it down into days if I'm super busy but at the moment weeks seem to work for me. So when I open my planner now the Notes section is first then the calendar. I created a printable to do list which sits in the middle. I think it looks really pretty. I also decorate pages as I go to make them look interesting and not just boring.

I have been enjoying my calligraphy it's all through my planner at the moment.

I also have a section just devoted to my blog. This is where I have most of the printables as this is where I need to be super organised otherwise I let time get away with me.

  You can see the monthly spread I made it so I can add the month and the numbers myself so it works for any month. I also printed it back to back just to save me paper and space in my planner. Too much is one sided and not really working.
I even colour coded the different blog posts because I'm now posting on two blogs and I needed to keep track of it better.  I can also keep track of when the post is scheduled/organised and when it publishes and what social media platforms I've linked it to. This helps with facebook and instagram mostly but also sometimes pinterest and ravelry with some projects.

Here is the blank look and also an ideas page that I created. Washi tape looks so pretty along the top.

Here's how I was planning before. I was using a blank page that I would pretty up but I was finding it wasn't quite organised enough so I made the blog post planner pages. You can see them in action below. It makes it easy to see what I still need to do. I very rarely handwrite the whole post so that is enough space to get the start of the idea out and then I hop on the computer to do the rest.

I'm really happy with the way the planner is working for me now but what I want to focus on in the next while is making it pretty. The dividers I have are functional but I'm going to have to make some pretty ones and have some fun with colours.

If you want the planner pages urgently send me an email/comment below with your email attached and I'll email you the file but if you're willing to wait I'll work out a way for you to download it. It shouldn't take me long if I actually put my mind to it, I've just been very busy.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Thank you for taking a walk through how you have broken down your planner. I have been struggling for years to come up with something which works for me.

    What I finally came up with temporarily is a much more simplified version than yours - it works for now for the basics.

    But yours! The way you work your planner gives me so many more ideas which would make it more of a daily Go To for me - which is rather the point, isn't it? ;)

  2. Wow Caitlin you're an inspiration. Love your planner and it's great to see you keep up with it.
    xo Alicia
    P.S. stop procrastinating LOL just trying to help. xoxox


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