Wednesday 4 March 2015

WIP Wednesday 4/3

Well this weekend was a very odd weekend. We had a new kid move in across from us last week and because of that we barely saw the kids all weekend. It was a pleasant break from the whining to be amused. So I actually managed to get some decent crocheting in DURING the day. You will get to see the results later in the week. I finally have a tutorial written on how to make the Mug Cosies that I made before Christmas and you will be seeing that tutorial on Friday. So tune in then to get the awesomeness.


I have been knitting this week and teaching myself some new techniques. I didn't even realise I had anything particularly new to learn. It's my first serious go at lace and I had a ball. I also taught myself how to do a crochet cast on. This was very exciting as I have been taking a class on craftsy (Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know by Sally Melville) and found that I have more to learn than I realised. I also have been learning that I can always, ALWAYS learn more.

I've already given this cloth to my mum and I want to give it another go in a different colour for me. I did cast on another cloth in a different pattern but I've managed to entirely stuff up the pattern so I'm not going to show you that at all! The pattern is called the leaf lace cloth and it's a free ravelry download. 


But I've also been doing some scrapping. (I never thought I'd say that!) and organising my latest photos from January.

I've shown you these pages but I finally did some journalling about the activities. I added that to a card on some pretty paper and used some gorgeous washi tape.

 I think it looks sooo pretty.

 We went out for dinner and got all dressed up one night. Though James took some convincing. My sister joined us but I forgot to get a photo of me and couldn't convince James to pose.

I added a flip card to the top of this page. It looks so cool. With using 6x8 pages I have to be creative about getting the journalling into the pages as well as the photos. It's exciting because the kids have been really happy to look through it and see all the photos. It's why I made it.

Happy Stitching,

P.S. please join me tomorrow over at ANDSEWWECRAFT.COM I'm talking about knitting and what we have to learn it could lead to some interesting discussions.


  1. Wow beautiful square
    Have a fun time xx

  2. Ooo that knitting class sounds interesting. I'm a very new knitter. Looking forward to your post tomorrow

  3. Always something new to learn:)

  4. Pretty cloth Caitlin.


  5. Love your scrap books and how you added the little note cards!


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