Friday 6 March 2015

Easy Mug Cosy - crochet pattern

Since I made so many of these before Christmas I wanted to give you a pattern that you could use to make your own. This is not everything you need to do, you will need to change it slightly to suit your mugs but from this you will be able to make your own mug covers.

I've been using Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8 ply in two colours with a 4.5mm hook. You can use whatever you want to use and this pattern is open to lots of changes.

Note: This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.

Treble crochet
Double crochet
Slip stitch
Chain stitch

Pattern with lots of photos:

Start with a 12 chain.

ROW 1:
Work a treble into the 3rd chain from the hook. I like to work into the back bump it just makes it easier to do the edge later. 10 trebles (not including the chain at the beginning)

As you can see from this photo when you work in the back bumps you get a nice clean edge to work the border later.

ROW 2:
2 chain (acts as a treble), Work into the 2nd treble and then the rest of the trebles across. (10 trebles including the chain as a treble)

ROW 3:
2 chain (acts as a treble), work 9 trebles into all the trebles in the row the last treble into the top of the 2 chain. (10 trebles including the chain as a treble.)

ROW 4:
Repeat row 3 until your piece measures almost around the mug. You don't want it all the way around because you will add a border in another colour.

Make sure you count the rows often. I found that I would make mistakes and sometimes forget to make the tenth treble. See the two different images below the first without the last stitch and the second with. If you don't make sure you have the 10 trebles your count will be out.

When you have it long enough finish off. You don't want it to go all the way around the mug because you will still have to add the border.

Finish off


Join the contrasting colour into the corner stitch of the beginning chain. 

Do 2 Double Crochet in the first corner. Then work Double Crochet in all the stitches across. When you get to next the corner work 3 double crochet into the corner stitch.

Continue Double crochets along the side. I found it worked for me to work into the gaps that appeared but it may be different for you.

 Continue doing three Double Crochet into the corners and Double Crochet around the edge until you come back to the beginning.
 Work one DC into the starting hole and then Slip Stitch to join the row.

Do 1 chain and then 2 DC in the same stitch that you worked the SS into. 2 DC into the next stitch then single DCs across the top.

When you reach the next corner work 2 DC in the corner then 2 DC in the next stitch. I found this worked for me you create a smooth corner but feel free to use a method/counting that works for you.

 Keep working around until you get to the beginning of the row.Join with a slip stitch then Slip stitch along the short edge until you reach the middle of the edge.


Once you reach the middle make a long chain. It needs to be long enough to reach the other side. This is the loop that goes over the buttonhole.The chain below needs to be longer as it doesn't go all the way back to the start.

Measure is on your mug to check. Before joining with a slip stitch in the same stitch the chain started at.

 Continue slip stitching along the short edge until you reach the top corner.

 You're now going to make a chain about 4 stitches long. This will change for your mug. It will be joined to the other side with a couple of slip stitches. Like shown in the picture below.

Before you Finish Off make sure you put it on your mug you may want to take a couple of stitches away from the chain or add one more. This chain will hold the mug cover up on your mug.

Finish off your stitching and sew in the ends.

Sew on a Button and enjoy your lovely Mug Cosy. It's so nice to cuddle when it's hot.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. Great tutorial! I made a few mug cosies as Christmas gifts and they went down a treat. Will definitely try your crochet pattern :)


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