Friday 13 March 2015

Chevron Quilt - Cutting Out

This quilt came about as a gift for a friend's baby. I kinda offered something and this is what was asked a quilt that is black, white and Tiffany green. If you haven't been keeping up with my blog, or you just can't remember, I talked about my inspiration for this quilt pattern HERE.

On the weekend, I knew I'd be spending the day at my parents house because James had to work on the car in a quiet spot. (It's an excuse to visit.) So I brought the fabric that I spent the weekend before washing over to cut out.

Mum has a great set up downstairs where she has a tonne of room to move and to do what is needed. I ironed and cut out strips of fabric at 4 1/2" I decided not to use the biggest triangle because I found it too big and I didn't want to use the smallest one so 4 1/2" it was.

I then spent Sunday morning on the floor at home cutting out the triangles and laying them down on the floor. As I cut them I started putting the colours down. I started with the black and laid them out on the floor.

Notice the change of cutting board from mum's good green one to my cheap purple one, but it does the job.

I lined the triangle ruler up on the strips and off I went. I got 7-8 triangles out of a strip depending on the fabric. They weren't all the same width.

As I worked I started to lay out the chevron pattern on the floor. Replacing colours and mixing the patterns around the see how they looked.

 I loved looking at the pretty strips all laid out ready to cut. I didn't end up cutting all of them. I almost have enough to make a second quilt which I am tempted to do!

Don't they look amazing??

The quilt sits at about 45" square which will probably make an awesome size though I am wondering if I should add two more rows of triangles to make it a rectangle. I'm not sure if I like squares or not.

What do you think... Square or Rectangular? 

Now comes the fun part of sewing it all together!

Happy Stitching,


  1. What an amazing colour combination! They looks like waves on a dark sea.

  2. It looks great together. I would say a rectangle so it can be used in the cot :)

  3. It's looking so wonderful !!


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