Saturday 2 April 2016

B is for...

Knitted Ball

When I was working as a teacher I used to pick up games from all the different places. One of the most common games was called Silent Ball. Almost every class seemed to have a version of it that they played. The rules were very similar. But not all schools had a ball. I needed something that could safely be thrown around a classroom. Out came the knitting needles. I think I used a pattern for a Christmas ornament or something and created this ball.

I didn't stitch it in the round but sewed it up at the side. You can kinda see the seam in the picture above.

The game was always awesome fun and I'm going to share the rules with you. 

Silent Ball


1. You can not speak, you must be silent while playing. (or you're out)
2. All throws must be underarm. No Pegging the ball. 
3. A bad catch and you're out. Bad Throw and you're out. 
4. You can't throw back to the person who threw to you (or you're out) unless it's the last 5 people. 

How to play

Throw the ball around the classroom until someone makes a mistake and then they sit down. The game continues like this until you have only one person left. It's as simple as that. Sometimes if the kids held the ball too long I would add a hot potato rule, meaning the ball would have to leave their hand within the count of three. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want but have fun playing.

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Cute game! Hadn't heard of it before! I like the ball you knit :)


  2. Never heard of that game but it sounds like fun Caitlin. Love the yarn color.


  3. The first time I played it Silent Ball was in Middle School. It was great. I think your idea is a great solution.

  4. That sounds like a great game! My best friend and I used to blow up a balloon and bat it around a room. It couldn't touch the walls, ceiling or floor. More of a challenge than one might think. I'm a visiting minion with the Joyful Brigade.


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