Thursday 7 April 2016

F is for...


And oh I've had some doozies in my time! I wish I had some photos of my failures but quite often they just get put in the draw and forgotten about.

I have a draw full of yarn and hiding around the bottom and about half a dozen half built bodies (for amigurumi animals and people). Sometimes it works out well and others just sit there as I tried a new pattern or colour and just never finished.

Quite often when I want to start a new knitting pattern I have to rip something off my old needles. Sometimes it's something salvageable but often it's a fragment of a stitch or from a pattern that I no longer want to do.

Even my cross stitch isn't immune. I haven't had horrible failures that make me want to scream but often times I start little projects and they just get forgotten. They weren't something I really wanted to do so I don't continue. Though one day I was sitting stitching and knocked over a glass of wine ALL over my cross stitch! Thankfully it wasn't white fabric and the wine wasn't red. I immediately jumped up and ran my cross stitch under water to clean it and put it away for a while. I almost had a heart attack!

I have noticed that my hands can leave marks on the fabric so I tend to avoid holding the front side of the fabric after having some marks that I just haven't been able to clear off pieces. You don't want to see the white area of a finished piece with grubby marks all over it.

When I was younger (teenager) I used to do a lot of beading. But gave that up when I got sick of picking up seed beads from the floor. It was a weekly occurrence to tip over a tray FULL of these little tiny beads. They were only 3mm across and they would go EVERYWHERE! I just got sick of having to pick up and sort the colours again so that I could do anything more on my project. There are many beading projects sitting there half finished because of how tired I became with fixing up my mistakes.

You learn to change how you work to accommodate the lessons you learn. I never sit a glass of wine anywhere near my cross stitch anymore. I always hold the fabric from the back and I don't work with seed beads if I don't have to!

Happy Stitching,


  1. I have a lot of failures too, that is how you learn isn't it? I once splurged on a lot of alpaca yarn to crochet a big granny square, needless to say alpaca was not the best choice because it sagged endlessly, so today I am ripping it put to start something new with it. Usually when I have a failure the project needs to sit and stew for a while before I can frog it, which is the reason why I have a million ufo's.
    Also, never stitch and eat chocolate, I learned that the hard way too;)
    Vilje from

  2. Interesting post Caitlin. I have had a few I guess you could call failures. I just didn't want to do them anymore. Last year I ripped out several afghans that I had started so I could reuse the yarn. I also trashed about 4 xs projects. I cut out the stitched part and reused the rest of the fabric.


  3. Great post. It isn't a failure. It is a learning experience.

  4. Cross stitch failures are always... fun... I've had more than a few - ripped fabric, threads that ran in the wash, and ones where the counting went right out!

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    Travel like a Geek Harry Potter Tour

  5. I'll hold your wine, cuz I'm pretty sure I'd mess up that cross stitch more than Merlot:)

    The AtoZ of EOS

  6. I agree, they are not failures, they are practise runs! My worst disaster involved Jack Daniels and Coke being spilled over a piece of whitework. My fault for not putting it away when my friends came round.


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