Tuesday 5 April 2016

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I've worked with children in a variety of rolls since I was about 15. But the more I worked with them the more I wanted to share my favourite crafts, The more I looked at designs, the more I realised how many are too hard/long for kids. 

When a kid can't finish within a couple of hours they are bored! Give them time and motivation and they'll eventually get there and even enjoy big projects. But not straight away! You go to spotlight and the cross stitch marketed to kids is disney and that's fine but they aren't doable by kids, only the adults in their life. I've talked about this many times, here particularly. So I'm going to stop ranting now. 

But that is why I started designing cross stitch. I haven't designed many recently but they are based around simple easy designs that can be put together quickly for children. They don't have any back stitch and very simple colours. I can finish one of them in about 30 mins to 1 hour. 

Some of my favourite designs are these:

Oh and so much more! There is a lot more go check out my etsy shop A couple of cute little animals and always closer to Christmas I bring out a collection of Christmas designs. 

I just wish that more kids would get into the arts and crafts and spend less time on devices. It would be a much better place if they all took the time to learn how to make the items that they use. Maybe then they would appreciate items better. 

Happy Stitching, 


  1. I agree with you; kids need to be creative like this with cross stitching, knitting, etc. I think it would expand their horizons a bit and maybe even their imagination. But then again so true, can't make too complicated things or they will get bored or frustrated. Your design of projects that take minimal time is genius!


  2. Cute designs Caitlin.


  3. I agree! We used to take long car rides and we did not have a DVD player. Horrors! My kids read or listened to educational CD's. My two in college are engineers and are more likely to play board games than computer games.

  4. I guess it depends on the kid. I was 7 when I started to cross stitch and mum sent me to classes with other kids and adults. I stitched quite large projects (probably the equivalent of a Miribilia) and stuck with it till I finished. It's only now as an so-called adult that I have an attention span of knat as I can't seem to stitck to one for long before I get bored and move on. Hmmm wish I still had my childs mind LOL!! I love this project too. xo Alicia


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