Monday 7 December 2020

Fun yarn update

 It was a weekend of playing with yarn. I needed to make up a couple of gorgeous presents for my friend that I was seeing over the weekend so I quickly whipped up a couple of bookmarks for her to use. I am going to have to have some fun in between gnoming and make a pile more of these because they are cute and fun to make. Very quick to stitch up.

Both patterns were freebies I found through ravelry. I love their search engine!


The two ended flower pattern can be found here

While the Rose can be found here ... though this actually links to making the stem and then you follow it through to the rose pattern. Both flowers are really easy to crochet and took very little time but look absolutely gorgeous in the Bendigo Cotton. 

Now let's talk Gnutmeg the Gnome. If you don't want to spoil the mystery this is Day one and two of stitching so if you haven't got there yet don't keep scrolling. This is the last project I'm showing off so you're not missing anything but gnomes!

Day one we did the beard. I love how the nose was integrated into the pattern. It is so clever! I was really unsure about how it would turn out and ended up pleasantly surprised.

Then the second Day of knitting came out.... This one was dangerous!! I had to start knitting in the round and I realised after the needles were going every which way and the swearing was getting more pronounced that I really needed to rethink! So I did! I stopped what I was doing, pulled it back to two needles and worked from the two needles to start bringing it into the round. SOOOO much easier. I have a funny feeling this happened the last time I tried to start knitting in the round as well! 

As you can see here.. this was the end of day one's knitting. I took my knitting to watch the softball.

I am speculating here but I'm thinking this may be part of the hat. BUT I am not sure. We shall see as more clues get revealed!

Happy Stitching, 


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  1. Such pretty coloured bookmarks!
    Love the beard, what fun to see him come together.


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