Thursday 3 December 2020

Peppermint Purple SAL update

 So it's been about 6 months since I last updated about this piece. That is not because I kept forgetting to post about it ... it was honestly because I caught up one week and then put it down for half a week waiting for the next pattern and then started stitching something else and that is where I went wrong. As with a lot of long term SALs it's very easy to just not pick it back up when the next part is published. I was really good for about 16 weeks or so. Then other projects took precidence and I forgot about it entirely. 

 Then in the last few weeks I started catching the train to work each day. I really really love this extra time I have. On top of the exercise I'm getting, that is just makes me happier, I am managing to stitch or knit each day. 

It truly is the small things that help. I've also started working on the gnomemkal which will be so much fun. I've never done a mystery knitalong and this is great fun. 

Here are the pretty colours I'm using. They are going to look so nice together 😊

Happy stitching,


  1. Those colors do look great together! I love your Peppermint Purple SAL. I am way far behind on that too since I just started it in November! LOL

  2. Nice work on the blackwork, I do like the thread colour you are using.


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