Sunday 14 August 2011

Lickle Ted UPDATE again :D

Well I'm on fire! I spent 4 hours stitching on Lickle Ted while sitting for one of my familys (the boy gets annoyed if I say baby sitting for them). Lickle ted is done except for the back stitching. I just need to finish the toy rabbit and the back ground. It's looking gorgeous, I started the green a little bit because I wanted a break from the browns. I am so happy with the colours.

Lickle Ted 13-8-11
My cousin is going to be so excited when he sees this ... actually my cousin's partner will be more excited I think it's a girl thing but they know it's coming and both went awww over the picture so I'm happy.



  1. How adorable!! I'm sure they will be very excited to have it to hang on the wall :)


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