Friday 19 August 2011

I gave in

So I got paid this past week and decided to treat myself on a couple of things. With Lickle Ted finishing up in the next couple of weeks I need another project to start on since to have and to hold is also done.

I bought a HAED. Only one and this is the only one I intend to buy for a while. But I bought it to try it out! I may as well start somewhere and he is such a cute design!
Afternoon Tea

I also bought the fabric to start the winter fairy. She will be started before the HAED but after Boxers.

Winter Fairy
Actually because I tend to live in 2 places at once I am thinking of setting boxers up at mum and dad's and the winter fairy up at Phill's that way I can work on one or the other depending where I'm staying that night. Boy will I be glad when we finally get a house!

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  1. Both nice charts but I can't wait to see how Afternoon Tea stitches up!


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