Monday 30 January 2012

I LOVE knitting toys :D

So I've fallen in love with these dinosaur designs. I did say that it would be bad when I finished the hedgehog because it would start me on more projects.

So I've finished 2 little dinosaurs. They are so cute... only about 15cms long.and not exactly your typical dinosaur colours...

I also started a T-rex style dinosaur.

in bright blue :D I love this colour so much!

Oh and I did totally finish the hedgehog before I started these dinosaurs.

The soother just finishes the design and really makes it a baby hedgehog :D

Oh and I did do some work on Boxers :D

I do love this design. It is so much fun to work on :D


p.s. My grandma is all fine she now has her teeth and is feeling much better and expecting to fight the insurance company for her car. She isn't happy because my Grandpa gave her that car but she is very strong :D

p.p.s Oh it hasn't stopped raining here. We see the sun in small bursts and then it starts again. But not very heavy at the moment so areas haven't been flooding which is great! I can't wait for the rain to go away they're talking about it sticking around for most of this week... oh well!


  1. These little guys are just darling! Can't wait to see T-rex! :D

  2. Love those little dinosaurs, they are just soooo cute!

  3. Your knitting is so nice. Those little dinos are cute. The hedgehog turned out great. The little pacifier was perfect. Your boxer stitching is looking great also.

    Stay Dry!


  4. Knitted toys are so cute. If your after more dino toy patterns go to and search around there. Boxers are looking great to.

  5. Those dinos are soooo very cute :) would love to be able to make one of those myself... but don't know how to knit :)

  6. What a cute dinosaurs!
    Great knitting!
    I love all the pieces you have made.
    Hope that the rain stops!
    Here in Holand it is very cold at the moment...brrrr!

  7. Soo cute , just love those dinos. Great progress on the Boxers too .X

  8. They are so cute! The boxers are coming along nicely :)

  9. aww they are super cute..
    love them so much xxx

  10. ROFL... they'e darling, Caitlin!!! Doggies are looking good too. Great to hear that your grandma is doing well.

  11. Nice to see the hedgehog finished, he is a cutie.

  12. Wow, they are all just precious! Ever think of making dragons? ;)

    Nice job on the boxers, they are adorable!

  13. OMG those knitted animals are just tooo adorable!!! Love the dinosaurs.

    The boxers are coming along beautifully.

  14. Those dinosaurs are so ridiculously cute! AAAAH! Boxers look great, too :)


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