Saturday 20 October 2012

So ... I have now joined weight watchers

I needed to ... not desperately but I was heading that way.

I weighed in at 84.7 kg which is 14.7kg(roughly 30 pounds) over my goal weight. I should be sitting at 70kg! It's not much but I managed to lose 10kg last time I was on the program and then in less than 2 years I managed to put it ALL back on plus more. I have a love of sugar! So now I am really watching what I eat and what I do which will be interesting but hopefully I can keep it off for my wedding which will hopefully be next year if I can plan it.

Onto happier news I am spending the day at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair which is going to be wonderful! So I will have an update tomorrow hopefully :D



  1. Good luck, Caitlin. I am sure that you can do it. enjoy ths show.

  2. Good Luck and have fun at the show.

  3. Good luck Caitlin
    I wish I had your strength ...
    Hope you're enjoying the show =)
    big hugs

  4. Good luck, Caitlin. You can do it! :D


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