Monday 29 October 2012

I have a couple of finishes to show off :D

One should have been done over a year ago. The piece was finished and baby was born. I didn't manage to get to the shops to buy a frame and it got put away somewhere safe for Christmas. A year passes and I FINALLY buy a frame and it only takes about an hour and I have it laced up and in a frame. So he got it for a 1st birthday pressie instead.

His Mum loved it! Which is wonderful I was slightly worried.

I also had a couple of smaller finishes.

I started and finished this today. I had a grade 6 class and they were wonderful. It's a little mouseloft kit called Funky Shoe. Not sure what I am going to do with it but I'm sure I will work it out!

I also had a penguin finish :D

I finally got the back stitching done on this little one. It's been sitting around waiting for a week or two.

I also have another new start a Christmas Cow :D

I love it :D It definately appeals to my sense of humor. It's from my Christmas book that I bought at the craft fair.

I would also have another framed piece to show you as Jardin Prive - Sampler Aux Fleurs was at the framers and I did get it home but when I really looked at it they had cut the stitching off at the bottom and it was crooked in the frame. So back it went and they are fixing it. Very frustrating. But I loved the colours I chose to frame it in. Pictures hopefully soonish!

Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Very cute finishes, congrats.

  2. wow super cute finishes..
    big hugs cucki xxx

  3. Haha, I recognize your story about the baby-sampler! I also have one waiting for a frame; The baby is now 5 months!

  4. Lickle Ted is adorable! What a great gift. Sorry to hear the Jardin Prive framing job wasn't perfect. I'm looking forward to pics when you get it back!

  5. Likle Ted is sooooo lovely
    It's too difficult to frame our stitchings :(
    I also had problems with a Winnie the pooh recently !
    But it worth the delay

  6. Congrats on the finishes Caitlin. I love the cow you started.


  7. Oh, I love love love the penguin =)
    And the cow =)
    They are both so adorable =)

    The shoe and the bear are wonderful, too =)


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