Monday 8 October 2012

So It's my Birthday :)

I have had a wonderful day :D a very very very wonderful day :D I spent most of it stitching!

Photos of that soon but presents first :D
 I didn't get anything stitchy but I think my mum said something about helping frame Sampler Aux Fleurs which would be wonderful!

I got a couple of books :D The new J.K. Rowling and a Terry Pratchet (not a discworld but still awesome) a couple of music books and some headphones so I can play my piano without everyone hearing it, which is great for practicing in the evening.

My sister gave me three pots full of gorgeous plants. Full of purple flowers and pretty colour, also  chicken I don't mind in my garden.

Also very exciting I have a Banana Chilli growing!

 Which will be very yummy when I can finally pick it :D It has a long way to grow. Though if my chickens had their way I wouldn't have any left as they love to get into my gardens.

So onto what you are actually here for ... my stitching.
For some reason I felt extremely excited to work on Afternoon Tea. I have done all the black and green on the second page and all I have left is the corner of the chair.

So so so close to a page finish but I have a little bit of confetti to get the rest of this done, and so reddish colours. I love the thought of more colours, something different than green, brown and black.

I also finished another penguin over the weekend and started another one.

and an angel singing Christmas carols...

Not quite as colourful as the party penguin series but I love the penguin anyway. Lots of penguins :D

Happy Stitching :D


  1. Nice gifts, and lovely stitching - the penguin is so cute.

  2. Happy birthday . Lovely progress on your projects .XX

  3. I am new to your blog but want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Also keep up the good stitching :)

  4. Happy birthday to you. You deserve such a lovely day. Love the penguins.

  5. Nice gifts, and lovely stitching - the penguin is so cute...
    i love the books so much xxx

  6. Belated but heartfelt birthday wishes.

  7. Those are great gifts! How exciting to get to another color on Afternoon Tea. The penguins are adorable!

  8. Happy birthday!! Looks like it was a wonderful day and you got lots of stitching done, too! =D

  9. Happy birthday to you =)
    Your stitching looks wonderful =)
    I love the penguins!!! =)

  10. Happy Birthday! I've been debating over afternoon and high tea so watching your afternoon tea grow may help me in my final decision :)

  11. Very happy birthday - we Librans must stick together :-) Afternoon Tea is coming on very nicely and I love the penguins!

  12. Happy Birthday! Your stitching looks great as always:)

  13. A stitching birthday. Hard to ask for more than that. :D Happy Birthday, Caitlin!! :D

    Afternoon Tea is looking great and I'm going forward to seeing more penguins. ;)

  14. Belated birthday greetings. Good progress.

  15. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Have you seen the new Terry Pratchett book of short stories out? It's got some great Josh Kirby colour illustrations in it too.


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