Friday 20 December 2013

Being Organised ...

I'm not what you could call the most organised of people. I seem to crave organisation to function well but can never manage to be organised to do it.

I am trying to avoid writing an assignment very diligently so am actually managing to organise other stuff. Kinda... I may just be making more of a mess... It is technically meant to be organising my patterns but ... I don't know how well it's working!

I took my collection of World of Cross Stitching and had a look inside and realised how many patterns I like and how many I really don't. So I pulled out the staples, cut the magazines down the centre (not as easy as it sounds.) and started organising the patterns. I pulled out all the filler pages and then organised the patterns into keep and don't keep. The keep pile was quite high but so was the don't keep. Some patterns I liked went in the don't keep because I can truly never see myself stitching them.

Then comes the fun part. I bought a pile of display folders and sorted the patterns. They aren't sorted by designer except my Joan Elliott Collection. I love her patterns though I haven't stitched many of them. So now I have to go through the rest of my magazines and then I'm going to have a big giveaway. I have a couple of piles of cut out patterns that I no longer want that I think someone must want somewhere. They are gorgeous patterns I just won't stitch them.

So when I get all my stuff sorted into folders I will be having a pass on giveaway and pass on a whole pile of patterns to other people. Just because I won't stitch them doesn't mean someone else won't! That will be in the new year though before I get them all sorted. I have to go through a few magazines... and other stuff.

 I've got eight folders like this. I had to add more pages to most of them. It's interesting what I like and what I don't
 The cross stitch gold magazines are a pain! They are wider than a normal magazine so they won't fit in the folders I have to cut down the patterns. Annoying! Also annoying because I had a lot of Joan Elliott patterns in them.
Here is my pile of giveaway patterns. I've got to sort them into rough categories so that will take time. I also need to ask a couple of my friends here to look through them so hopefully I'll have less to post around.

I've just handed in my assignment for the first unit so hopefully I'll have time this weekend for actual stitching :D
Happy Stitching


  1. Good luck with the will be worth it in the end! Happy stitching.

  2. being sounds like impossible mission to me =)
    good luck

  3. Good luck with the organization! Sounds like a lot of work but I think it will be worth it in the end for you.


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