Tuesday 10 December 2013

Ooops I forgot!

Oh no! I was looking through my crazy January page trying to update it and couldn't find photos anywhere! Then I realised I probably forgot to post updates when I finished or worked on some of my projects while so stressed out through work! I wasn't in the best mind frame!

So I finished the RED gingerbread man!
 He's all ready for me to work out how to finish him entirely.

 I'm also well on the way with the Blue guy. I don't work on these much they tend to be my portable projects as they don't have many colours. So they live in my car!
I also never posted a photo of the green one up on the crazy January page so I have done that now! I'm so behind in dates and times it's not funny!

I also finished another of the Joan Elliott ornaments its the circle house. I will need to finish a pile of designs from this one though to be able to finish them entirely so I'm not sure what I'm doing with this yet!

Lets hope I can get some more finished before CHRISTMAS! It's coming up toooooo fast!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Love the gingerbread man designs - so cute! And the Joan Elliott design is wonderful, I'm a big fan of her designs!
    Hope you can get everything done in time for Christmas!

  2. All look great but I love the JE ornie. Such rich colours and so beautifully stitched.

  3. very beautiful stitching on the JE ornament
    it is very sweet
    I love the gingerbread men you're stitching
    I wanted to stitch them last year already, saying I'd stitch them this year...but finally ...maybe it will be for next year =D


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