Friday 27 December 2013

Last WIPocalypse 2013

I've been really bad and forgotten all about the WIPocalypse. With my life going stupid this year is was much better forgetting about it. But I figured I did need to sum up my achievements or lack thereof! I haven't done a WIPOCALYPSE post since APRIL!!!! I'm well overdue then!

I'll start with the easy ones. I've already taken pictures of these.

'99 is no longer on my list. It was going to be a gift for my partner instead I handed the partial work to my friend who showed interest and the pattern and she is finishing it in time. It will be hers. 

Maskerade Pale Dawn
It was only just started in April. I'm still loving this piece especially since I got my millenium frame to hold it tightly!
Now it looks like this :D

Quite a bit of work considering how little I've actually worked on it! I have done more than I showed you last night I did another 100 stitches today :D and undid one colour too as the last one I put in last night was one two high.

I want to have a page finish by the end of next year maybe two. Any more is a bonus. It is easy to work on when I start fiddling.

Afternoon Tea

Last time I showed you this.

I've done a little bit more but nothing near what I expected to be at!

I did hope to be finished the top row by the end of the year but that plan bit the dust... Maybe by the end of next year!!

Winter Fairy
I really haven't done much on this one.

I haven't done much more. I bought what I thought would be the right size millennium frame and its too small because when they cut the fabric they didn't cut it evenly! There is a 2 inch difference between top and bottom and silly me didn't measure both sides. But I think Baroque will fit but I haven't started that one. An excuse to start another project! Now I have all three projects on millenium frames the afternoon tea

As you can see I have made some progress with all my pieces but I haven't done as much as I would have liked. My life kinda changed a lot this year.

But better plans next year. I'm going camping for a couple of days tomorrow so I probably won't respond for a while. Have fun and Happy New Year!



  1. They still all look great Caitlan even if you didn't make a lot of progress. Some is better than none.


  2. Your WIPs are looking good. And any progress is good progress.

  3. A little is still progress. Have a Happy New Year!

  4. Progress is progress and they are all looking great. I love the diversity of your wips. Like me you will never be bored.

    Have fun camping and I wish you all the best for the New Year

    Alicia xo


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