Thursday 12 December 2013

Secret Santa

Well I had craft group on Wednesday and it was decided we had to bring something worth roughly $5 to exchange. Sadly there were only 3 people actually there so for the last week we didn't have much of a party! But I had a lot of fun though I didn't feel like stitching much.

I don't really have any progress on anything much to show but hopefully I will soon. I will show you what I made for a gift though. I kind of got the idea from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Magazine this year with the gingerbread cupcake. But I didn't have a fancy stitchable cupcake mold so I had to glue it in.

A couple of different angles there! I made the top look like icing and sprinkles with some french knots thrown in. I followed my imagination there wasn't any pattern. It was fun to do but awful to glue in place. I had to hold it for 30 minutes to let the glue dry.

The cording was fun to do it's the pink and green I used spun together and then folded in half. I like the effect of this and for something I was experimenting on it's pretty amazing I think. Though I'm also not rushing out to make another one any time soon!! Too much effort though I might make one with one of my patterns... maybe??

I should have a crochet update if nothing else in the next couple of days as I'm getting closer to a partial finish.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Pretty little cupcake Caitlin!! I like the whimsy of the sparkles and the icing. Great look to your blog too :D

  2. How cute! I have this magazine....must actually stitch something from it! ;)

  3. hooo this is so sweet
    a very pretty cupcake done =)

  4. The cupcake pincushion is so cute! I hope that whoever received it loved it!


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