Tuesday 25 February 2014

Glasses are wonderful!

Last Tuesday I was driving to the shops when my glasses BROKE! I'm extremely blind without them! I can't see much past my face without them. It was the scariest time trying to drive to get home.  I had to hold one side up and balance them on my nose while keeping the other eye closed so that I wasn't seeing triple. I've only had these glasses one year.

broken glasses
Thankfully at home I did have a spare pair of glasses. It felt so weird to wear a pair with full rims, but it looked so much better than no glasses. It only took me a day to get down to the optometrist and order a new pair of glasses. I had so much fun picking out a new pair. Here were my final two choices. It was such a hard choice.
Glasses I tried on and decided against them
they looked nice but too big on my face.
I chose these glasses :D 

I ordered them early Thursday morning and Monday afternoon I got a text saying they were in. 

Here I am with my new pair of glasses and loving the new look. 

They're kinda purple but have more blue and sparkles :D It's always nice to have sparkles :D

Anyway Happy Stitching, 


  1. Very cute! Sparkles are always good!

  2. What a pain that your glasses broke - not good!
    Love your new sparkles!

  3. I won't imagine how it would be without my glasses !! a real mole =D
    You made a great choice with those new glasses, both pairs were perfect for you
    good choice =)
    you're very pretty

  4. Sparkles!!! I love your glasses they are so cute! And they look really look good on you. I'm hoping that when I go get new ones that I'll be able to find some with sparklies. I'm glad you were able to make it home alright even though your glasses broke.

  5. OMG. I am blind without my glasses too, so I can imagine how scary it must have been! Your new glasses look great.

  6. Great glasses! I have one pair to drive or watch TV, and a different pair to work on computer or go shopping, which are just right for things a few feet away. I don't wear any glasses to read or stitch.

    I really should have a spare in case one breaks. I'll be sure to look for sparkles next time!


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