Tuesday 4 February 2014

To answer a question

I got a question about why I don't enjoy working on the winter fairy fabric and I thought I should answer that again.

I have answered it before but not for a while. I bought the fabric from polstitches because it's the recommended fabric without finding out anything about the fabric  beforehand. It arrived and there is a big label on the bag "not colourfast" OH OH! I started to worry and asked online and found that polstitches is renowned for being very runny you can NOT wash particularly the purple. So the fabric went back in the bag and sat for a long time before I got up the bravery to try.

The problem is I'm not a clean stitcher! I have very sweaty hands and will often leave marks where I'm gripping the fabric for long periods of time. I also noticed that whites would discolour as I stitched them around where I held the needle which was also frustrating. SO although I love the pattern and the colour of the fabric and the feel of it. (It's so soft to stitch) it does cause lots of worries that I will pour something on it or absolutely stuff up somehow! It's a project that doesn't leave the house. It doesn't get taken to the park to sit and think over it only ever gets stitched on at home after washing my hands with soap.

Other than that I do have something really exciting to share :D I may have been to spotlight yesterday and while I was there some yarn may have slipped into my bag... enough to make a nice sized granny stitch throw. I love the pattern over at Attic 24 and I've been thinking of making a stitched throw for a while. So much more personal than one bought from the store.

The colours are soooo yummy! I couldn't resist 3 different shades of purple but there are lots of other colours too. 12 all up which I figured would go a long way and they aren't too expensive. Only $3.50 a ball. It's 100% acrylic so I'm not too worried about it getting pulled around and used.

I shall post photos as I start in the next day :D I'm so excited!!!! I've been wanting to start one of these for ages!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh my gosh Caitlin!! I did the same thing and bought the yarn for the granny stripe blanket inspired by Attic24!!! But I have to wait for mine as we don't have a good yarn store to pop into. Can't wait to see yours started and for mine to arrive :D

  2. The colours look great together:)

  3. That makes it hard to stitch since you are so worried about it. Maybe just use a different fabric?

  4. I love handmade granny square throws. Definitely much better than bought from a store.
    The colors are lovely, can't wait to see the first squares.

    Good to know about the fabric.

  5. Love those colours! Isn't it amazing how the yarn just falls into our baskets without us noticing...happens to me all the time! :)


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