Monday 3 February 2014

I'm organising again :D

Ohk so I keep having to organise my stash. The problem is I have the area I grab stuff from generally organised and neat. At least its all away and out of sight. My problem is I had all my works in progress spread from one end of the room to another. They weren't ever together because I had nothing really to put them in. Now that has all changed. My cross stitch works in progress are all in one bag less my big projects. They're leaning against the wall. Mum and Grandma had fun and made some calico bags for my frames. They look so awesome!

I went to officeworks looking for some clear pencil cases but they had nothing in A4 size so I continued to wander. I found these awesome file folders. They are box shaped so can fit my threads in their bobbin boxes. I can fit all my projects together in this. Though Masquerade Pale Dawn has a folder as well because it won't fit inside. I've been able to put them all in the one bag and they're not getting tangled with each other anymore and I'm not worrying about losing the pieces for my projects anymore. Winter Fairy even has some progress :D 

Winter Fairy is now all in one container and I'm not as worried about the fabric as I was before or losing the parts. They were sitting VERY precariously on top of everything before.

 Winter Fairy at the last photo which I haven't worked on since about this time last year ... well not that bad maybe April?
I haven't had the drive to work on it but it's so beautiful and purple.


I haven't done much but it's something. The dark purple is finished in the lower skirt the shading is gorgeous on this. Even with just the dark you can see what the skirt is going to look like and how it's going to sit. I still love this fabric but working on it scares me every time. I get so worried about messing it up I don't get into as much of a rhythm as I could.

I probably won't get much done today because I have to get my assignment finished. It's taking soooooooo LONG!!!!! 

Happy Stitching everyone,


  1. Good for you. I should do some of that!

  2. Love your organizing. Great progress on Winter Fairy.


  3. Good job and great stitching:)

  4. Great organising Caitlin. The storage thing you got from Officeworks is perfect. Good thinking 99.

    Love that purple fabric and it is perfect for Winter Fairy. Why are you afraid to work on it as opposed to other fabrics? You won't mess it up.
    Alicia xo

  5. Lovely stitching :)
    Great organization idea too! I use plastic zip wallets to store my chart and fabric so one of those files would be ideal to store everything if I was going away :)

  6. It's all looking lovely and organised with you! It must be the season - I just blogged about sorting out my stuff, too! Chrissie x

  7. It's all looking lovely and organised with you! It must be the season - I just blogged about sorting out my stuff, too! Chrissie x

  8. I should try and do the same :) My office where I have my stitching corner, is a mess and I keep thinking I have to organize it, but I don't know how... but now I got some ideas from you eheheh :) And lovely progress on Winter Fairy

  9. I love organizing my threads and bits and bobs! I just got a big plastic bin with drawers that everything fits beautifully into! It's my new happy place!

    I love your winter angel, and can't wait to see more of it!

  10. What a clever way to store your projects.
    And that purple fabric is gorgeous!(I am a big fan of purple :) ) Don't worry about messing it up.
    I hope we will see more of your Winter Angel.


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